About Us

Arak Pey Armeh Co. with the registration number 448500 and national identification number 140038453224 has been established.

Working in all the fields and activities of civil construction by having young and creative workforce made us one of the powerful companies among our competitors
The company's field of activities includes:

  • Beauty services such as: cleaning, Landscape designing, road pavement for road, street and alley.
  • Implementation and maintenance of architectural projects such as the construction of tourist-residential complexes, residential, administrative, cultural and educational facilities.
  • Construction services such as skeleton construction, Brickwork, joinery, facilities and surveying.
  • Providing design, advice and technical control.
  • Water/sewage treatment.
  • Consultancy and contracting services for water and wastewater treatment plants and painting boulevards, squares, as well as technical supervision


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